Advanced focuses on meeting your individual needs. Most companies operate like contractors while we make sure you are satisfied with the installation and performance of your product. Our goal is to finish your project as quickly as possible, while still maintaining a high level of craftsmanship.
Low E stands for low emissivity. It is a technologically advanced glass that utilizes a microscopic coating to reflect heat and block ultraviolet rays.
It certainly will. Your investment in windows and doors is one of the best home improvements you can make. In fact, realtors across the country report that homes with new energy-efficient, maintenance-free windows enjoy a return of up to 114% in resale value!
You should certainly consider custom-sized windows for the very simple reason that they'll fit better. Stock-sized windows can require extensive carpentry work both inside and outside your home. Such work can be costly and inconvenient.
As a home shifts and settles, the windows also shift. If the windows are made of wood, metal, or weaker vinyl compositions, the area between the window and home will often crack, allowing warm air to travel in or out. This creates the draft. New windows that have a sturdy construction will not shift, and therefore prevent drafts. Keeping this in mind, Anlin uses a very strong frame design to prevent this from occurring.
Your home loses the greatest amount of energy through its windows. Therefore replacing your windows will bring about the greatest cost savings.
One of the beauties of Advanced is that we have a full time service department dedicated to providing our customers with remarkable customer assistance beyond initial installation.
One major factor in vinyl integrity is whether or not a window is made of only virgin vinyl. Some manufacturers will heat up the vinyl resin to extrude a window frame and once the frame has been cut will remelt the scraps to extrude again. This compromises the vinyl integrity. Each time the vinyl is reheated at such extreme temperatures it becomes weaker and therefore susceptible to UV infiltration. Another major factor is whether or not the window manufacturer includes titanium dioxide in the vinyl. Titanium dioxide strengthens the vinyl to protect from UV infiltration.
The American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) sets all performance standard, educational programs and product certifications for the window industry. When a product passes AAMA tests, you can expect long and reliable service as long as the window is installed and maintained correctly. When an installer is AAMA certified, then your responsibility is only to maintain the windows.